Steph Alles, Owner

Steph Alles founded Steph’s Bookkeeping Service in 1995, after completing Bachelors degrees in Administration of Justice, Criminal Justice, and Business Accounting. Because of Steph’s background education in law, Steph has been extremely invaluable to many of her accounting clients. Overall, Steph’s Bookkeeping Service holds a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help your business stay-on-track and succeed.

Over the years, Steph has planned for, carefully orchestrated and built a leading accounting and financial business team of professionals. Given the various employment background of each team member, including her own, in addition to Steph’s Bookkeeping clientele, the knowledge spectrum of Steph’s Bookkeeping Service is extremely wide and varied. From restaurants, fabricating manufacturers, product building companies to magazine publishers, the business and industry familiarity scope is broad. Steph’s Bookkeeping Service specializes in accounting, but having a comprehension of your type of business operation is very important and essential to your company’s financial success. We understand the connection.

Steph has a reputation for being professional, very trustworthy and personable. Steph and her team of professionals do not view Steph’s Bookkeeping as a mere out-source accounting service, but as YOUR personal service team member.

Brandi Hetterly

Brandi is a fun and reliable addition to Steph’s Bookkeeping team. Brandi has a firm foundation with experience in a variety of accounting functions, from Accounts Payable and Receivable, to account reconciliation, payroll processing, and everything in between. Brandi is experienced with data entry and is integrating into financial preparation that we strive for our employees to learn. Since joining Steph’s Bookkeeping Service, Brandi has demonstrated that she can solve all complexities and problems thrown at her which is well worth the deserved laudatory recognition. She knows her way around QuickBooks and set’s her mind to solving any task at hand.

Given her propensity for achievement, Brandi has advanced herself into a diverse payroll lead position here at Steph’s Bookkeeping Service. While processing and overseeing payroll, she also provides accounts payable and in depth financial services to some of our largest clients.

Brandi is one of the people that you can tell right away they are just a genuinely kind and caring person. She brings that same warm caring attitude to play every day with the work that she does. She prides herself in doing a good job and has proven that she is more than capable in doing so.

Brandi enjoys the outdoors and participating in functions with her family and friends. Having grown up nearby in Colton her whole life, she loves it so much she has chosen to stay in the area. Having found a place to work nearby that she enjoys as much as she does our office is surely a bonus.

Stephanie Brotherton

Stephanie joined our teem with fifteen years of management, payroll and bookkeeping experience. Stephanie has been working in this field since right out of high school and loves her career choice. As anticipated, she has excelled at everything we have thrown her way. She is diligent and efficient with all the tasks that she undergoes.

With her fun and outgoing personality, dedication to her work, and ability to be a team player, Stephanie brings a fun charm to our office family. She takes pride in working with small practices and helping them grow.

Stephanie enjoys playing softball and spending time with her three children. Any spare time arise, her and her husband are exploring the Oregon scenery on their motorcycles. Stephanie is very competent, dependable and very much appreciated at Steph’s Bookkeeping Service, Inc.

Michelle Bruner

Michelle joined Steph’s Bookkeeping Service in December 2018. With Steph’s Bookkeeping Service constantly wanting to grow and improve, Michelle was hired as an Admin Assistant to take over some of the Admin roles we have here in the office. Michelle has extensive experience in office administrating from various companies. She brings the ability to work with other to the team. She is motivated to get a task completed correctly and help Steph’s Bookkeeping Service grow with their clients.

Michelle is a self starter and motivated to get the job done, and done right. She is a hard worker with a keen level of organizational skills. We are excited to have her as a part of our growing team!

Michelle enjoys spending her free time outside and with her horses. She makes time to enjoy the nature of Oregon.

Debbie Svatos

New to our staff in 2019, Debbie has brought office, bookkeeping, customer service and administrative experience to the team. With her full charge accounting background, she has hit the ground running in more ways than one. She is self-motivated and has the determination to administer the quality of work that Steph’s Bookkeeping Service provides to their customers. Debbie is very determined and hard working and has been a great addition to our team. She takes pride in her work and enjoys overseeing projects from start to finish.

She has demonstrated her worth to be exemplary and her work to be impeccable.

During her personal time, Debbie enjoys spending time with her husband and grandson and volunteering for local non-profits.

Amy Hall

Amy Hall joined Steph’s Bookkeeping Service in September 2007, and she brought over thirteen years of office, bookkeeping, customer service and administrative experience to the team. Amy’s higher education includes financial and business accounting at Boise State University. She had worked for a heavy equipment manufacturer for ten years as a Safety Administrator and HR Assistant. Prior to that, she was a bookkeeper for a sod farm and nursery in Idaho. Amy’s family has always owned their own businesses; a gas station / convenience store and a restaurant and bar. While growing up, she became quite familiar and acquainted with the family owned and run businesses. Conequently, Amy understands the core and essentials of conducting one’s own company. Over her years of living and professional experiences as an adult, Amy has learned diversification, how to multi-task, be a team player, how to lead and manage. Amy has advanced at Steph’s Bookkeeping Service into the position of office manager and payroll director where she has demonstrated her worth to be exemplary and her work to be impeccable. Amy is very competent, dependable and very much appreciated at Steph’s Bookkeeping Service, Inc.

Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis began working for Steph’s Bookkeeping Service, Inc in June of 2017. She came in with very strong leadership skills and has become on integral part of Steph’s Bookkeeping Service, Inc day to day operations. Chris keeps herself up to date on all current laws and regulations for us to stay in compliance with all our clients. She is very versed on all the payroll aspects such as the prevailing wage reports, union reporting, quarterly reports, workers compensation audits, annually reports and all Washington and multi state compliance for those clients who do business in other states. She is very kind, patient and easy to work with on a daily basis.